Tuesday, 2 February 2016

Manually convert EML files to PST format

The world revolves around emails today. From organizations to individuals, emails have become an undetachable part of everyone’s life. As numerous email applications are available to perform email communication, organizations across the globe keep moving to better email platform to improve their communication. Each email application supports different file format. 

This blog is basically going to discuss about data migration from EML (electronic mail) email applications to PST (personal storage table) format of MS Outlook.
EML file format is supported by multiple email clients such as Windows Live Mail, Apple Mail, Mozilla Thunderbird and Outlook Express. To migrate EML files of any of these email clients to MS Outlook, which supports PST format, you can either use manual methods or a professional software. Let’s learn about the manual methods first.

Manual EML to PST Migration
Multiple email applications support EML file format. Although, it’s primarily associated with Outlook Express, the file format is also supported by Apple Mail, Windows Live Mail, and Mozilla Thunderbird. To understand the manual procedure, let’s take Windows Live Mail (EML) to MS Outlook (PST) migration for example. 

Windows Live Mail to MS Outlook
Perform the below given steps to migrate EML files of Windows Live Mail to PST files of MS Outlook. Make sure that you take backup of EML files before starting the process.
  1. Open MS Outlook and Windows Live Mail on your system
  2. On the main screen of Windows Live Mail, click File >> Export >> Email messages (Windows Live Mail Export Windows gets open)
  3. Select Microsoft Exchange and click Next
  4. A dialog box ‘Export Message’ appears
  5. Click OK to proceed
  6. Now, select desired folders or all folders to proceed and click OK
  7. The wizard starts exporting
  8. Once the process is over, ‘Export Complete’ message appears
  9. Click the Finish button to end the process.
You’ve successfully exported Windows Live Mail EML files to MS Outlook environment. Now, check the exported EML files in MS outlook. 

You can also use ‘Import Export Wizard’ of MS Outlook to directly import Windows Live Mail emails and other mailbox items to MS Outlook. However, manual methods are not very much reliable. 

Advantages & Disadvantages of Manual method
Manual procedure offers more disadvantages than advantages. 

  • Manual EML to PST migration doesn’t cost anything
  • Easy to perform for technical users
  • Incapable of migrating large size EML files
  • Possibility of data loss during migration
  • Cannot migrate large number of EML files
  • Doesn’t work in rare cases
  • Lengthy and confusing for non-technical users
And therefore, professional EML to PST Migration tools come into picture. As there are various tools available for the purpose, you need to find the most authentic one. Kernel Data Recovery ends your search for the best EML to PST migration tool by offering Kernel for EML to PST Converter. It’s the most preferred tool for the purpose by professionals across the globe. Let’s know more about the tool. 

Kernel for EML to PST

Kernel for EML to PST Converter is an advanced data migration tool developed by Kernel Data Recovery specifically for migrating EML/EMLX files of AppleMail (EMLX), Windows Live Mail (EML), Thunderbird (EML) and Outlook Express (EML) to Outlook PST or MSG formats. Integrated with advanced data migration features, the tool effortlessly migrates all EML files to Outlook PST files. It performs few simple steps to complete the migration process in a very short span of time.

The software is capable of migrating multiple EML/EMLX files simultaneously which saves time and effort. After migration, the software also provides option to preview EML files. You can check the content of EML/EMLX files before saving them in PST or MSG format at any desired location on your system. Apart from PST and MSG, the software also provides option to export EML/EMLX files directly to cloud-based Office 365. The advanced software even retains all email properties, folder structure and formatting of EML/EMLX files after migration. The software is even equipped with advanced filtering options to let you filter EML/EMLX files based upon different parameters such as from, to, subject, date and time.

Kernel for EML to PST software is programmed to support almost all available versions of MS Outlook and Windows OS. Easy-to-understand interface and self-explained features make it highly popular among professionals. The easy-to-operate tool doesn’t require any kind of technical expertise to operate it.

Free Demo Version
You can download trial version of the software without paying anything. It allows migration and preview of EML/EMLX files but doesn’t provide option to save them in PST or MSG format. To save, you need to purchase the software. Licensed version of the software allows you to migrate and save unlimited EML/EMLX files to PST or MSG format. The decently priced software is quite easy to operate as well. Make sure that you check basic system requirements given on the official website of the software before installing it.Click here : http://www.convert.emltopstconversion.org/

Manual or Automated EML to PST Migration? Choice is Yours!

Email communication is the proactive driver for an organization to strengthen inter as well as intra communication channel for highest productivity. Since the evolution of email technologies and advanced messaging scheme, Outlook Express had been introduced in Microsoft Windows OS bundle which aim to offer seamless email solutions. The light-weight email technology utilizes Windows Address Book to synchronize and store user contacts. In addition to this, Outlook Express use EML file format to store all email items exchanged between sender and receiver. As technologies advanced, users have been seeking fast and intelligent collaborative services from a single email client which Outlook Express doesn’t possess. 

There are several shortfalls discovered in the Outlook Express platform such as:
  • Outlook Express face frequent database corruption because of accumulation of excess email messages which is a drawback for heavy email usage.
  • Outlook Express doesn’t support the Transport Neutral Encapsulation Format (TNEF) which is the base architecture of MS Exchange Server and MS Outlook technologies.
  • Outlook Express email is prone to viruses and worms as it automatically loads the HTML content or scripts presuming them as attachments.
These eye-opening discoveries are leading Outlook Express users to make transitions into the most advanced email technologies. As we have already explored that EML file formats are entirely incompatible with MS Outlook PST format, so users who want to view or convert EML to Outlook PST emails need to acquire a reliable technology to do that. 

Despite the discontinued support of Microsoft towards Outlook Express, EML files are regularly been used with upgraded Window Live Mail email client. MS Windows Live Mail email platform is upgraded form of Outlook Express but lacks in major features which can only be availed when integration of services like Exchange Server is accomplished. Hence, migration of EML files into the most efficient PST file format is the need of an hour. 

Instructions to Accomplish EML to Outlook PST Manually
  1. Launch both email clients, i.e. MS Outlook & Windows Live Mail (Latest EML-supported client)
  2. Navigate to Windows Live Mail, click File and the click Export followed by Email Messages

  3. In the Windows Live Mail Export dialog, select Microsoft Exchange, and then click Next

  4. Click OK to trigger the process of EML to Outlook PST conversion

  5. Now in the Export Messages dialog box, click All folders or Selected folders of your choice. Click OK to initiate export process

  6. After the successful completion of export process click Finish to check exported email items.

Problem with the manual export of EML to Outlook PST is its inability to export EML files into PST without the presence of EML to Outlook PST migration is also the reason to prefer an automated third-party solution.

MS Outlook platform. Adding to this, manual export process has major repercussions on quality and integrity of emails as EML files are very fragile and unsecure. The manual process can also be troublesome as it is not guaranteed that the Outlook PST files so produced can be accessible with versatile editions of MS Outlook. Apart from this, email users who don’t have necessary technical expertise to facilitate manual

Solution: Kernel for EML to PST
Kernel for EML to PST is the powerful email migration utility that dynamically aligns the trouble-free migration of EML or EMLX files into the Outlook PST format. The software is engineered with next-gen Office 365 migration feature and possess the capability to filter specific emails having specific conditions. It supports the latest application versions of MS Outlook, Outlook Express, and Windows Live Mail. Read more :- http://www.converter.emltopstconversion.org/